Weekly Action Items: June 1, 2017

  1. Sunday June 4, meet Allison Galbraith at the Cockeysville Public Library at 2:30 pm. This is crucial for EVERY MARYLAND CITIZEN, not just District 1! District lines CHANGE and Andy Harris is still representing MARYLAND as a member of the Freedom Caucus (which is the furthest-right leaning fringe branch of the GOP). He needs to go. Galbraith can oust him. YOU can help shape her platform. YOU can tell her what you need her to represent. She will work for YOU, as a Maryland citizen. PLEASE SHOW UP.
  2. Wednesday June 14, in the evening at Cockeysville Public Library (time TBD) is VOTER REGISTRATION TRAINING. For an hour, volunteers will be trained and certified by Baltimore County election officials to register others to vote. This is a QUICK EASY WAY to give back to your community. We need ten people and we have six. PLEASE CONSIDER VOLUNTEERING YOUR TIME. Email if you can make it! SHARE WITH OTHERS. This is non-partisan involvement!
  3. A new action item for 287(g) ( CALL YOUR BALTIMORE COUNTY COUNCIL MEMBERS. You can call ALL of them in fact, not just your own. Their contact information and an easy script for you to follow are below:

Hello, my name is XXX and I’m a Baltimore County resident. I’m calling today to register my opposition to 287(g) also known as county bill 32-17.  I urge the council member to vote against this legislation because:

(choose any or all that speak to you)

– this bill sends a message that immigrants are not welcome in Baltimore county, and could have a chilling effect on crime victims and witnesses contacting local police

– our tax dollars are better spent in other ways – like solving serious crimes and funding our fire department and schools.  We shouldn’t be in the business of subsidizing the federal government.

-the 287(g) program has a long history of documented civil rights abuses and constitutional violations.  I’m worried that entering this program could put us on a slippery slope and result in violations of people’s basic rights

-the existing county policy already does a good job of ensuring that we are protecting everyone’s rights while also communicating with ICE and other federal law enforcement.  We don’t need this legislation in Baltimore county.

County Exec: Kevin Kamenetz: 410-887-2450
District 1: Tom Quirk 410-887-3386 (Dem)
District 2: Vicki Almond 410-887-3385 (Dem)
District 3: Wade Kach 410-887-3387 (Repub)
District 4: Julian Jones 410-887-3389 (Dem)
District 5: David Marks 410-887-3384 (Repub)
District 6: Cathy Bevins 410-887-3388 (Dem)
District 7: Todd Crandell 410-887-3383 (Repub)

Also you can tweet at these legislators using the hashtag #NoBalCo287g  with a similar message to above that will help.  If you tag CASA (@CASAforAll or Casa’s leader @in_la_lucha) they will retweet!