Weekly Action Items: May 4, 2017

Action Item #1: WE NEED YOU. Baltimore County is poised to pass fascist, unlawful, and discriminatory legislation. Our county council wants to allow ICE to deputize correctional officers to hold inmates for deportation. On SATURDAY, May 6, 2:30 PM at Hereford Public Library, three progressive groups are joining forces to stop it: Indivisible North Baltimore County, Indivisible Towson, and Together We Will.

PLEASE ATTEND. We need signatures on the petition that will circulate to every county councilperson. We need to communicate our talking points against this bill. We need volunteers who will speak at the county session. We need to STAND INDIVISIBLE against bill 287(g):

FIGHT AGAINST FEAR-MONGERING IN BALTIMORE COUNTY. This is local stuff, and we need our local friends. See you in Hereford on Saturday, May 6, 2:30 PM.

Action Item #2: Related to the above, progressive seats on the county council are being targeted by conservatives. In the next election cycle, we could be overwhelmed with right-wing legislation at the county level. WE NEED TO DISCUSS THE NEXT ELECTION. We will be discussing this at the same meeting: Hereford Public Library, Saturday, May 6, 2:30 PM.

Action Item #3: If you attended any of the April marches in DC and would like to take a moment or two to share your experience, please write to so we can allot some time for speakers. We need to hear good, victorious stories from our stalwart protesters!!

Dates to remember:

  • May 6, 2:30 PM at Hereford Public Library, two Indivisible Groups and TWW will fight 287(g). Please attend.
  • May 13, 3:00 PM at Woodbrook Baptist Church, Indivisible Towson will host Senator Jim Brochin. Please attend.
  • May 21, 2:30 PM at Towson Public Library, Indivisible North Baltimore County will host Del. Steve Lafferty. Please attend.