Weekly Action Items: March 30, 2017

#1: Join RESISTBOT by texting “resist” to 50409 (or check them out at and you can be in touch with your elected representatives DAILY. It is time to turn on the heat. We’ve learned from our Congresspeople that our calls and letters absolutely matter, so let’s do it DAILY. For those of us phone-shy, email-wary, and just plain busy, RESISTBOT is perfect. Get to resisting!

#2: Attend the Indivisible NBC meeting on Sunday, April 9, at 2:30 at the Cockeysville Public Library. Bring permanent markers! Bring blank cardboard and/or posterboard!! Bring long tubes from wrapping paper rolls! WE WILL BE MAKING PROTEST SIGNS for the April protests in Washington, DC! Even if you cannot attend a protest, your colorful efforts can be carried through DC by someone else.

In addition to brushing up on our coloring and lettering skills, we will also devote part of our meeting to learning good protesting tips: how to keep our protest CLEAN, how to engage (or not engage) with hecklers, how to stay safe, and how to navigate nitty-gritties like where to park or what bus to take!

Protests we are planning for are:

Don’t forget this one coming up in two days! It’s an online protest.

#3: Support the Trust Act, especially if Bobby Zirkin or Jim Brochin is your legislator! Here is an easy link to send them an email:

Here is some information if you need a quick refresher:


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